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ADA (Aqua Design Amano) is the world leading aquascape brand, with their head quarter and Nature Aquarium Gallery in Niigata Japan. 

In March 2018, ADA established their first gallery outside of Japan in Beijing China.
Mr. Dave Chow was invited to set up a 180cm tank inside the gallery.


On May 2018, a Grand Opening was held by the CEO of ADA Japan and China. Aquascapers and people who involve in this business from all around the world were invited.

The Gallery is now open to public and Mr. Dave Chow’s tank is located at the front entry.

Twinstar Inc. is a Korea company, they manufactured the first intelligent auto device which can sterilize water, inhibit green algae, help with plant growth, prevent fish diseases and avoid shrimp cellular diseases. Later, they developed a series of professional RGB LED lighting system for different sizes of planted aquarium tank.


Their success in their products made them well know all over the world, especially in the Europe market.


On January 2018, Mr Dave Chow was invited to set up two tanks in the new Twinstar Gallery established in Busan Korea.

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