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In May 2015, Mr. Dave Chow was invited by Shatin New Town Plaza to set up 4 aquascape tanks (two120x45x45cm and two 90x45x45cm ). The tanks were themed on the fascinating history of of Hong Kong, evolving from a small fishing village to an international city.

During the event Dave was interviewed by press and journalists on his design inspirations and had a talk and demonstration on how to set up a Wabi Kusa.

The exhibition lasted for more than 30 days and achieved great success.

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In order to further promote aquascaping, Aqua Art held a seminar in Hung Hum Kerry Hotel in March 2018. It was hosted by senior aquascaper Harry Kwong. Content included:

1. Rules of major international aquascaping competitions

2. Introduction and analysis on award-winning aquascapes

3. Dave Chow introduced 3 massive tanks on site and explained his ideas behind

4. Introduction on usage of A.I. technology in aquascaped tanks

On top of that, we invited 2 experienced aquascapers from CAU, Gary Wu and Tony Wong, to share their journey on aquascaping and answer questions from the audience.

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EAPLC 2016 Party

Mr. Dave Chow was invited to Germany for attending the prize-giving ceremony of European Aquatic Plants Layout Contest, one of the most prestigious aquascaping competition in Europe.


Dave hosted a workshop and demonstrated his skills in creating artistic aquascapes. It was a precious opportunity for aquascaping enthusiasts from all around the world to gather together, exchange their design concepts and share their technics.


This is the kind of mutual learning experience that brings positive impact to the field.

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Interzoo is the biggest pet related exhibition in Europe. Many well-known aqua-supply companies, including Twinstar Inc., were there exhibiting their latest products.


Mr. Dave Chow was welcomed by the organizer to set up 3 aquascaped tanks on site.  Dave showcased 3 different styles, including his signature wave-like wood-scapes.


Creation process were recorded in a time-lapse video.


In 2016, Mr. Dave Chow and Mr. Harry Kwong were invited to City University of Hong Kong to host aquascaping lecture as well as workshops.


Participants enrolled in elementary class and intermediate class to learn about this unique art form. Apart from teaching basic design theories, participants also had some hands on experience to make and bring home a simple scape. For elementary class, students learnt to build a Wabi Kusa tank; in intermediate class, students constructed an mini aquascape tank from. The aim of these classes is to share our passion and pass on our knowledge to more people, especially university students and lecturers.

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In recent years, aquascaping is booming in south-east asian region such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore etc. Each year, large aquascaping contests for local aquascapers are organized by related exhibitions and pet shows. Participants must complete their aquascape tank on-site within a limited amount of time.


Since 2016 Mr. Dave has been invited to be the judge of aquascaping contests in Indonesia. He also took part in the ‘Race of the Masters’ with other aquascaping masters around the world, as an exciting way to compete against the bests among the field and learn from each other.


In 2017, Dave was invited by Aquarealm exhibition in Singapore to set up a tank as demonstration.

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To share our knowledge and professional experience of Aquascape with more people, we frequently host aquascaping classes in our shop, which is one of its kind in Hong Kong. The syllabus is divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced level. Students first learn about basic knowledge on hardwares as well as tank management, then progress to characteristics of different aquatic plants; finally they will study basic design and aesthetic theories.

To keep the class interactive, teacher does demonstration on water changing, plants trimming, set up a hardscape etc. Most of our students got in to the hobby after acquiring their foundation here.

Hosting classes to us is non-profitable, our aim is to promote the art of Aquascape and maintaining a community of local hobbyists.

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